Returns, Refunds & Rules

Return Policy & Rules


Make sure you review your design png once you download it for any potential errors. Do not rely soley on the mockup, mistakes can be made when uploading the actual design. The actual design should be proofed upon download for any errors and I should be notified instantly of any errors with the design in order to provide you the corrected version. Grove 123 Designs is not responsible for any out of pocket expenses incurred if you order products with your design without verifying accuracy before hand. The mockup(s) provided are not the final draft. The final draft is and will always will be the actual design png itself. No exceptions will be made in regards to refunds/credit for out of pocket expenses.

Grove 123 Designs is not responsible for any legality issues that may arise for you or your business. Please do your own research and verification before purchasing designs for any trade mark or legalities. 

No design, purchased from the website, Etsy or ordered as custom is an exclusive. Grove 123 Designs does not offer exclusive designs. All designs are subject to be sold to any requesting party of that same design. No exceptions to this rule. Grove 123 Designs is not responsible if you offer a design as exclusive, ever. 

Custom designs are $7.95 per design, regardless of the customization (i.e. color change), the fee is $7.95 per complete PNG, unless otherwise stated at the time of ordering. My turn around typically runs around 5 business days (not counting Holidays and weekends). Business day 1 will start the next full business day after your order has been accepted by me and I have acknowledged reciept of your order. When order be very clear what you want, the color you want and how you want your customization. Any change to the customization once you receive your proof (mockup) will be $3 per design change fee (this fee could be higher depending on circumstance) as long as you notify me of the requested change before the full PNG(s) are sent to you. By paying for your order once you receive the proofs (mockups) and payment instructions you are approving the design as is and the full designs will be sent to you. Once you receive the full PNG(s) requested changes will be the full $7.95 per design fee. The ONLY exclusion to this is if the mistake or error is on my part, of course. Please understand when designs are being made often the full design has to be created, saved, mockup created and the time spent with correspondense is time consuming, therefore I do not offer free changes. Due to this, please be as clear and precise as possible when ordering your customs. I keep my customization fees low by keeping changes to a minimum. 

* Payment for custom orders is required within 72 hours of when you receive the mockup(s), amount and payment instructions from me at completion of your order.

I do not offer custom mockups. The mockups provided by me are your "proof" for of your customization only. Once my customers receive their full PNG from me they create their own mockups to suite their business. Please understand in the design world we work with thousands of customers which all want something different and making custom mockups is time consuming which takes away from making designs. 

** Absolutely no Returns for Digital file purchases **